Painting Brushes

About The Artist

Heidi Alexander lives in the South West of Scotland, she has done art for many years but unlike many artists, Heidi Alexander of Hang Me up to Dry, is self-taught and has her own approach to - and definition of - art. Believing in constantly appreciating and taking in the world around her and believes that inspiration can be found wherever they look, the best thing about painting is you can make it as lonely or vibrant as you feel it needs to be and live in it as long as you need to. 
Some of her landscapes are filled with dusky, stormy undertones so you get a feel of the fresh, crisp air from Scotland but there is also a bright pop of colour that sits within.
Other landscapes are filled with the calm blissfulness of the countryside where you could walk for miles and not meet another soul.
There are also floral and animal paintings, sketches and drawings that may take your interest.